A Flair for Failure

Sad Web Design builds mediocre websites that ignore best practices, alienate customers, and reduce sales. Get yours.

Does your business suffer from excessive profitability?

Contact us today to learn how our solutions can help your bottom line stay near the bottom.

Our Websites Are Designed To:

  • Maximize Bounce Rate
  • Optimize Confusion
  • Repel Your Target Audience

Our Solutions Include:

Unlimited Lorem Ipsum

image of lorem ipsum text that uses random content strategy words instead of lorem ipsum

Because integrating content strategy and content production into the web design workflow is hard.

Adorable Kitten Placeholders

scary allegator photo

Puppy images available upon request for a small upcharge.

Infinite Redirects

sad-looking browser error message

Because because because because becaue because because...

Don’t let poor technology distract you from running your business.

Our solutions will make you want to forget your site even exists.

Data Doesn’t Matter

At Sad Web Design, we believe that assumptions are better than research and discovery.

Our Customers Love Us

"I always worried that working with a web developer would be really complicated and confusing. Sad Web Design did an outstanding job of confirming that for me."
-Anonymous customer/survivor