Updated Privacy Violations

In response to GDPR, Sad Web Design is revamping how we conduct our privacy violations.

-We use Google Analytics on this site. It collects user data that we do not entirely understand and that we rarely look at. We are probably missing important opportunities because of this, but fortunately we are not missing out on the complexities of regulatory compliance.

Section II: This site uses a commercial hosting provider and automated off-site backups, which could include user data that we're not intentionally collecting and/or storing. We delete this data regularly, sometimes even using the "delete" key. Our off-site backup providers maintain their own backups of our backups, with systems that most certainly have their own redundant backups of the backed up backups. We are dizzy now and doing our best to not to inadvertently get vomit stains on your personal user data, which you own.

Our Customers Say...

"At first I was very excited to work with the team but at the end of the process I just felt sad."
-Adam Smith, Small Business Owner